Play a role in reducing the use of plastic shopping bags in your community, all while adding value to your brand image. Your ad works collaboratively with others in your local business community, to raise awareness of plastic pollution through an innovative, great-looking and effective media. 

Simply choose the number of modules you'd like to see your message on, tell us what you want to say, and EcoBag Media takes care of the rest. 

It's easy and convenient. 

There are 20,000 bags distributed per region, per edition. 

Benefits to Sponsors

  • Add brand value by becoming part of a growing conscious business community
  • You highlight your brands commitment to sustainable principles and a plastic-free environment
  • Use the opportunity to alert customers to latest offers, specials, or new products
  • You are ALWAYS front page news
  • Your advertising is targeted and in-market for 3 months, so much more than a one-day shot in a newspaper
  • It’s kind of like crowd funding, you collaboratively create a product that is both practical and good looking for consumers, who then take the bags directly into their homes
  • Sturdy and strong, holding 10-12kg, giving them a high re-use rate, meaning your ad could be viewed hundreds or even thousands of times
  • Expand your existing customer base as other brands share your brand on your behalf
  • No more money wasted on buying polluting plastic bags

Benefits to Consumers

  • Shoppers receive funky, re-usable paper bags that help the environment
  • Shoppers receive info on latest deals, offers, specials from local retailers
  • No more stupid plastic bags

Benefits to Community

  • Fosters engagement, driving local economy and promoting behavioural change towards sustainable living
  • Increased awareness about actions individuals can take to reduce their environmental impact
  • Clean, plastic-free environment